Xmaint is a single tool for preventive maintenance but also for an optimized operational output.


Xmaint reads and manages the infrastructure elements (software, technical documentation, operational data), developing specific predictive maintenance plans, in line with the actual asset usage. Xmaint is brand-agnostic, requiring minimal changes to the existing systems to be applied.

Xmaint will further correlate the individual systems, seeking inefficiencies to find operational solutions to drive efficiency.


Hospitals aggregate and utilize a wide range of data, with the specific need of extracting different information in accordance with the medical needs. Xmaint is brand-agnostic and will interface and dialogue with all the diiferent systems/brands..

Xmaint manages the whole database matching patients’ physical location with rooms set up, extracting the requested data through personalized screenshots.

Xmaint as a unique system to manage patients’ data together with the already established infrastructure management capabilities.