With XMAINT we can monitor the logistics flow and unlock the hidden productivity by integrating M2M (Machine to Machine) with management and operations.


XMAINT is developed and built to eliminate functional discontinuities in the work environments associated to the SMART LOGISTICS WORKFLOWS. It integrates the automation and the spaces eliminating inefficiency and streamlines environmental parameters to enhance related productivity at - for example - containers’ terminal .

XMAINT allows the correlation and analysis of real-time data improving the efficiency and the performance over the periods. With the geolocation, it enhances workflows processes and resources management giving them real time information associated with predictive maintenance for critical equipment, helping planning the related OPEX & CAPEX linked to the asset’ operations.


XMAINT is developed and built to eliminate discontinuities in the work environments and integrate the automation and services and eventually replace the outdate SCADA ecosystem, eliminating functional inefficiency and streamlining the remote control with minimal initial Capital investment.

XMAINT is, in the end, a Building Automation system that will act in real time on all the equipment that have been previously identified by the operator, who will be able to monitor the asset, verify the alarms and directly act on the assets accordingly.

Monitoring and control through XMAINT become transparent on the managed systems to give the organization horizontal communication and vertical reporting at the same time