Our ICT and product development team is made up of senior programmers, complemented by specialist consultants with a diversified background, to ensure flexibility and adaptability


Xmaint differs from other Facility Management systems as it extensively uses virtual servers and PLCs, it supports a wide range of portable devices, it integrates with field sensors (IoT), ERP systems and Business Analytics tools, all of them being an input to customized Artificial Intelligence processes.

Product Development

IPM R&D program is always on-going, developing new processes and applications. Our customized solutions are self-learning and evolving to provide clients with real time up-to-date systems.

Integration with existing systems

Xmaint easily integrates with existing systems and it is highly customizable. It dialogues with PLCs and Building Automation systems. Thanks to IoT technologies, Xmaint collects and uses field data to increase operational efficiency, with an eye to costs and schedule.