Predictive analytics can reduce facility emergency events and facilitate operations in integrated OPEX and CAPEX systems by helping planning related support interventions


XMAINT’s emergency Plan Module is developed and built to eliminate discontinuities in the work environments and integrates the automation and services for our clients. By reducing functional risks and streamlining the processes, we control the asset status in real time.

XMAINT gives the operators real-time data about the response of the emergency plan in case of event and improves them over the periods. With the geolocation built-in, it enhances logistics process and resources management (people and plants equipment) transforming live input from sensors into metadata for optimization calculations.


Xmaint reads and manages the infrastructure elements (software, technical documentation, operational data), transforming such data into inputs for further analysis. Xmaint is brand-agnostic, requiring minimal changes to the existing systems to be applied.

Xmaint is a unique tool supporting IPM’s civil specialists that have accrued 20+ years of experience in civil design and anti-seismic analysis. Its correlating and computing capabilities are essential in elaborating scenarios and identifiying corrective actions.

Xmaint is able to develop scenarios, analyze potential outcomes and suggest remedial actions increasing structural safety.